About Us

Welcome to APEX Events!

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate trackday enthousiasts who want to share our passion with you in an affordable way. Trackdays are fun and exciting but can be scary if it’s your first time attending. That’s the reason we want to offer our trackday concept to you: an affordable trackday, a safe environment to experience your car on a race circuit and lot’s of people who will assist and guide you through the day.

I’m a beginner. Am I welcome?

We feel that everyone should be welcome at our events, from beginner to experienced track drivers. In our event calender you can see per event if an event is suited as a first ever track day. There is also the possibility to book a driver coach for a full day or just a track introduction to make you comfortable driving your car on track, teaching you all the basics you need to have a safe and fun day!

Why and what is an open pitlane event?

All our events are of the open pitlane type unless specified otherwise. At an open pitlane event you can drive as much as you want, when you want. There are no time frames and you can enjoy the track at your own pace without the pressure of driving within a time frame.

What do we offer?

We offer a friendly, non-competitive environment to enjoy your own car the way it’s supposed to. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our events and accomodate you even better, please let us know!

We offer different levels of events with additional services depending on the date and track.

Always Included

  • Free breakfast and coffee: get fueled at the start of the day!
  • Lockers: keep your belongings in a safe environment without risk of theft
  • Catering: every trackday has food and drinks at very economical prices
  • On-site air compressor: you can keep your tires at the optimal pressure without bringing your own tools
  • Petrol station guidance: not every circuit has on-site fuel pumps so we accomodate instructions to the nearest gas station if necessary
  • Photographer: we provide free of charge pictures of the event a few days after it ends

Optional Services
(depending on track and/or availability)

  • Race engineer: to do a close follow-up during the day of your tire pressure, brake temperatures and advising where necessary
  • Driver coach: get one of the driver coaches to teach you the track or improve on your current laptimes and driving style
  • Racing experience: book a few laps as a passenger in some of very special cars
  • Track car rental: want to get a first taste of track driving or want to drive a real race car? This is the way to do so!

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