Driving Coach

During our events, it is possible to hire a professional driving coach to improve your driving experience, make you faster and give you tips on how to improve safety while driving. All these things can be achieved while reducing wear on the car by using the proper driving techniques.

Different Coaching Programs and Levels

We offer several coaching options based on your preference and/or skill level, either with your own car or a rental.

Trackday Introduction Program
This is a perfect program for people attending their first-ever trackday.
The coach will guide you through the basics of attending a trackday and give you guidelines for having a safe and fun day at the race track.

The program will basic theoretical information on things like racing flags, next you will take 3 laps as a passenger with one of our instructors in one of the Apex Events track cars and for the rest of the session the instructor will be the co-driver/passenger with on the go instructions while you drive.

Some of the key points:
– Racing regulations (flags and meaning, pit speed limits, …)
– 3 introduction laps as a passenger
– Seating position in the car
– Driving lines
– Braking, throttle and steering techniques
– Safe overtakes
– Reducing car wear
– Track & car awareness

Pricing & Duration
60-min session: €95
Contact for rental car options

Circuit Introduction Program
If you have done a trackday before and this is the first time attending a new circuit, this short 30-min program will help you learn the track in the best way possible.

The driving coach will sit next to you in the car and show you the optimal driving lines and braking zones. You will also get clear guidelines on the different grip levels on certain parts of the track to make sure you are fast and safe at the same time. Finally you will get pointers on the safest overtake area’s.

Pricing & Duration
30-min session: €45
60-min session: €80
Contact for rental car options